EntelliGuard G circuit breakers are the newest line of low voltage power circuit breakers (LVPCBs) evolved from the exceptional designs and practices of GE legacy breakers. EntelliGuard G breakers offer a truly global product platform that meets industry standards throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia (ANSI, UL, CSA, IEC, Lloyds Register of Shipping, etc.).

The EntelliGuard system is yet another evolution of GE’s core competencies in reliable electric power distribution, circuit protection and arc flash protection. EntelliGuard G devices are available in all standard, 100% rated, ANSI, UL and IEC ratings in both fixed and draw-out designs. Standard devices are also offered in 4 pole designs.

No compromise (e.g., derating) is necessary in the system protection scheme as the EntelliGuard G Neutral poles are fully rated. Front and rear access connections are available, and all configurations can be manually or electrically operated with multiple and redundant accessories.

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