GE Zenith STS-3 Series Static Transfer Switches - 
Low Inrush Current Transfers Using the Volt Second
Synchronization (VSS) Method White Paper

One of the limiting factors in applying static transfer switches (STS) in mission critical facilities is the inability of the electrical infrastructure to withstand the transformer inrush when STS switching occurs on the primary (480 volt) side of a power distribution unit (PDU) or stand-alone transformer. Inrush currents can reach as high as 10-12 times the transformer rating, which can cause circuit breakers and/or molded case switches in the STS unit (or devices upstream) to trip, resulting in an outage in the facility.

In this white paper learn how the GE Zenith STS-3 Series Static Transfer Switch addresses low inrush current transfers using the Volt Second Synchronization (VSS) method.

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